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Jfashion @ LJ

What's Your Style?

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japanese fashion, decora, visual-kei, pop culture, lolita, gyaru

Jfashion @ LJ

「What We're All About」

Hey^^ Welcome to Jfashion @ LJ.

This is the place to discuss anything related to Japanese fashion. Please join and try to be active!! Also, feel free to make an introduction post, so we can get to know you better!!

Icons + Other Graphics are always welcomed!!
Questions + Advice
(ie. 'What can I do about this outfit?' or 'Links to tutorials for _______?')
Showing Off Your Own Jfashion Outfits!! We'd love to see!!
Scans of Jfashion Magazines
Pictures/Links Related to Jfashion (But NOT sales posts)
Sales Posts/Ads ONLY in the Ad Post.
Tutorials for outfits, hair, make-up and the like are much appreciated!!
General Guides to certain areas of fashion, their backgrounds and principles would be a great resource for people new to Jfashion.
Both Female and Male Jfashion is welcomed!!

Please feel free to refer this community to your friends!! New members are always welcome, even those who are new to Jfashion.

Announcement!! Moderators Wanted!!
Currently, this community is looking for moderators!! The community is very new and I'm looking for people who really love Jfashion to help me in filling it up and recruiting members!! Anyone interested please PM rareitemhunter1 for more information!!

Want to Be An Affiliate?!
Anyone who wishes to be an affiliate to this community (that means other Jfashion comms, Jmusic comms, Jdrama comms, Anime and Manga comms, ALL Japan related comms!!) please PM rareitemhunter1!! Your support will be much appreciated, with a very lovely link back!!

「Rules + Important Notes」

1. Please act in an appropriate manner. This means, no harassing, name calling, racism, sexism, or any other innapropriate behaviour.

2. Please do not post pornographic or harmful images, or links to sites with pornographic or harmful content.

3. Please be excepting of each other's views. You don't have to agree with everyone, but they have a right to their own opinions as much as you do yours.

4. There will be no sales/adverstising (this includes community ads) posts within this community except for in the ad post. The ad post will be a link to sites/names of places where you can get Jfashion items. Anyone who wishes to be added, just comment there with your information.

5. Please use the appropriate tags. If you think a fashion or other type of tag needs to be added, the mods will approve it for you. (I know in the beginning there will be very many fashion tags missing, so don't be afraid).

6. No linking to friends locked posts and/or communities that require you to join. This is really unfair but a large problem in most communities. If you're willing to share, please be sure you're actually willing to share.

7. Please put all images below a cut. (This is so it doesn't get to messy and you won't have to scroll for too long.) Images behind a cut can be of any size you wish. You may leave one or two thumbnail images outside the cut for a preview. -This rule is subject to change, once I figure out an acceptable picture size-

8. These rules are subject to change at any time.

None yet :( Please apply!!

「Banners, Buttons, Etc.」

JFashion @ LJ

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